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Why Build Inner Solidity? | A Channeled Message

Updated: Jul 12

A Channeled Message from B

Why Build Inner Solidity?

To rid yourself of your “co-captain.”

Your pristine intuitive guidance has guided you back into the captain’s chair in the vessel of your decision making. You run the show, and now intuitively navigate your experience.

But all the while, there are subtle whispers of, “This isn’t going to work.”


Those subtle whispers are not personal fears—they are your habitual referencing of the collective field. The collective field sits as the co-captain of an unfortunately large majority of the spiritual population.

Those who are most suited to land their truest soul essence into their biology and fulfill their life’s mission of bringing a specific body of work to the planet…

They’re locked into an inner battle with a co-captain that wants nothing more than to ensure that can never happen.

The most common voices of the collective field for spiritual people sound something like this:

“You’re just not ready yet. You have so much healing and processing to do before you can even think about bringing anything to the world.”

“Look at your financial situation. It’s time to crunch down, hunker down, and prepare for World War III, not worry about some silly soul essence.”

“You’ve come as far as you can with your intuitive knowing. See if your God can get you through the chaos and destruction that’s to come.”

“Wait for your time. Until then, there’s just simply nothing to do.”

The dark hierarchy that’s gained a degree of control over this collective field wants to ensure that the spiritual population never reaches their true potential.

“Wait. Stop. Do something else.”

It’s not that this voice runs the show. It’s that it creates a perpetual torment that makes proceeding near impossible.

Divinity cannot rush “the wind into your sails,” so to speak, until the pirates are off your vessel and this co-captain is hung for treason.

Inner Solidity is not about social dynamics or taking a rebellious public stance.

Inner Solidity is about liberation from the collective field.

The truth is, it’s been “your time” for quite some time.

It just doesn’t look like you might have once imagined.

Bringing your soul’s essence to the world is not about acquiring capital, healing every last bit of your being, or waiting for a 5-year-plan to drop from the sky.

It’s about leaning into your evolutionary edge, day by day, with the understanding that the tidbits you already have about what’s to come for you are what’s here.

The financial uncertainty is what’s here. The solidity in the face of global uncertainty is what’s here.

If the dark hierarchy can convince you that you must secure your life financially, prepare for collective uncertainty, or that you must have profound clarity on the entire roadmap of your work in the world, you will end up stalling out in that perpetual torment.

Divinity does not want you in that torment. That torment is the greatest inhibitor to becoming who you came here to be.

“What’s here” is that inner turmoil—it’s the co-captain that continually grapples with your every intuitive knowing and encourages you to slow down, process, and cognitively justify yourself. To who, exactly?

Even now, you’re being asked to settle into a place of Peace—and to never leave that solid foundation of your divine connection again.

With your co-captain ousted from your vessel, the wind in your sails will come.

Until then, the sole reason why “nothing’s happening,” is because what’s already here is far more important than any “map” you could receive for what’s next.

In truth, that map will never fully come. It will always be precisely managed by your Oversoul, so you won’t ever need the entirety of what’s to come.

This idea is simply a tactic to keep spiritual people from ever fully disconnecting from the collective field—to keep them grappling with themselves for how right they truly are.

Grappling with who? With the dark hierarchy through the habitual referencing of the collective field.

“If I can’t take control of your vessel, then I’m going to make you so miserable you’ll never want to go anywhere again.”

That’s not you.

That’s the collective field—the very voice you’re being asked to forever rid yourself of.

Why Inner Solidity? Because you’re being asked to liberate yourself from unnecessary torment, now not later.

Regardless of if that happens in this container or not, it’s the top priority for countless spiritual people in this collective era.

With this collective field in control over your emotional state, there can be no progress. This is not “waiting for your time”—it’s keeping you from it.

So Much Love to You, B

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