• David Hrostoski

Why It’s Hard to Trust Yourself

Anyone can know what’s here for them.

What sets you apart is the courage to do that, unmodified by the world around you.

At The Second Paradigm, we talk a lot about Peace.

That’s not arbitrary.

It’s because Peace is the foundation for unmodified intuitive access.

We teach a model called The Levels of Clearance that weaves through basic survival fears and material and emotional desires, into that moment that many would describe as “awakening.”

“There has to be more to life than this.”

At some point, that leads to what we call Direct Access—the inner realization that our intuition is true and valid.

That’s where this body of work first becomes relevant.

In Direct Access, we now have direct intuitive guidance. Looking around, a lot of spiritual people actually have pretty clear intuitive guidance.

They already know exactly what’s here for them.

“Access” isn’t the hard part (though, it can be quite the journey to get there in the first place).

The hard part is trusting that guidance.

Cognitively, it should be pretty easy. We finally have direct access to the most powerful decision making force in existence. Shouldn’t it be smooth sailing from there?

Well, even the slightest insecurity can make that clear intuitive access seem like a cloudy web of considerations.

What about money? What about being responsible and productive? What about all of the things I have to do to run my business, or work my job?

Our intuition clashes with the world around us, because the world doesn’t run on intuition—it runs on logic.

Direct Access is the beginning of our work at The Second Paradigm, because to us, just knowing what’s here doesn’t mean we have the capacity to make that decision.

We focus so heavily on Peace, not just because we’re so clear in that neutral emotional space, but because we’re so obviously not clear in our other emotional states.

Bliss and excitement make us manic. Fear makes us hesitant.

True “awakening” is not the beginning of our intuitive access, but the full ability to make decisions on that knowing.

And even beyond that, to no longer grapple with ourselves when we do.

That Inner Solidity happens through a sequence of realizations that tend to follow a pretty predictable sequence:

Direct Access, Anchored Being, Essential Radiance, Self Recognition, Eternal Peace.

These are the names we’ve given to the major milestones along the path of liberating ourselves enough to freely make decisions as a soul.

There’s quite a lot of context and lived experience packed into those words, but more than sharing every twist and turn along the way, it feels most important just to emphasize where this goes.

“Anyone can know what’s here for them. What sets you apart is the courage to do that, unmodified by the world around you.”

It’s hard to trust our intuition, because our bodies barely have the capability to do so. We are limited by our very biology, and the paradigm of the world around us.

Every instinct to fall in line, meld with those around us, and rise in the social hierarchy, takes us further and further away from our own personal ability to act freely as ourselves.

The purpose of The Second Paradigm is to help make sense of soul, yes, but even more specifically, it’s to hand you back your free will in a world that’s designed to circumnavigate it.

It’s not easy to walk a intuitive path because, look around—very few are doing it.

Where this spiritual journey goes is to a place of deeply centered Peace—the place where you’re most connected to your intuition, and impenetrable to the emotional manipulation that can make it so challenging to do that.

It’s entirely possible to live in a place of Eternal Peace.

Now, more than ever, we’re certain of that.

That Peace is the greatest gift you have to offer to this world, because it’s the only place you can truly find yourself.

You came to this planet to bring your soul’s truest essence to it.

You were never meant to play those convenient roles you turned your back on so long ago, and so many more times since.

You were always headed in this direction.

Trusting our intuition is difficult, because it’s right at the edges of our biological capabilities.

But that doesn’t mean it out of reach.

If there’s one thing you take away from this, let it be that Peace is truly possible for you, and you’re already years ahead of the bell curve in developing the inner technology that allows you to live in that place sustainably for the rest of your life.

It’s not just being able to be deeply precise and trust your intuition, over and over again.

It’s also being able to feel genuinely good about that—to no longer question if you’re okay, far enough along, or whether if everything is going to fall apart in a moment’s notice.

You are safe, you are on the right track, and you are profoundly ahead.

Keep Going, Keep Trusting, and Welcome Home.

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