• David Hrostoski

You’re Ahead, Not Behind.

I think it’s clear to most that we do things differently here at The Second Paradigm.

But not everyone knows the story.

I want to tell that story here, but from a very specific lens:

How we’ve been consistently ahead of the curve, right alongside the rest of the intuitive population.

Hopefully, it can serve as reminder of your own story—that you too have been ahead of the curve, and that you too are more than prepared for everything to come.

Picture of David in Mexico

My channel opened on November 19, 2016.

Miriam and I met just two days later.

For the next year and a half, we were still very much doing our own things—she was building a community for women around being and intuition, and I was channeling and writing a book.

But right around July of 2018, we decided to join forces and do some work together.

Miriam had this clear vision at the time of wanting to open a coffee shop. When asked what she’d name it, she blurted out, “Oh, definitely The Second Paradigm!” We took note.

The Second Paradigm was one of B’s first channeled teachings that ever came through publicly. It was from a channel night in Mexico called The Two Paradigms.

Even though that was far too simple of a name for Mr. Overcomplicate Everything Hrostoski alone, as the two of us joined forces, it quickly became the obvious name for our work together.

The entire foundational chapter of this work ended up being centered around disengaging from the rhythms of the world.

We taught about how to check in, trust your intuition, and use your psychic access to shape your understanding of your soul’s mission and purpose—but, really, everyone got a similar message at that time, and it’s what we fostered more than anything:

“Stop doing that. That’s not necessary. Slow down. You’re not lazy. Slow down. Don’t worry so much about eating that pizza or that bowl of ice cream. Energy is landing. Slow down. There’s no need to force yourself to do that to ensure your safety and security. That’s not how reality works. Slow down.”

Not much about that made sense until early 2020.

Overnight, the world was forced to slow down, stay inside, and hibernate. While others were reeling from the change of pace, we just continued on like nothing had really changed.

We’d already slowed down, and we were already psychologically fortified for the moments where there was little outwardly happening. So while the world grappled with the hard psychological realities of lockdowns, we were onto the next thing.

I actually remember feeling a distinct shift in the energy and hearing, “It’s Go Time.”

At almost that exact moment, we were strongly guided to learn more about the world through the corners of the Internet you’re not supposed to visit.

We hesitantly watched some Alex Jones and Janet Ossebaard, and went on with our lives, bringing through our channeled docs, talking with our community, and dipping back into various conspiracy rabbit holes when we felt called to.

By the time BLM started up, I was entirely disinterested with social media and reading The Gulag Archipelago about the brutal horrors of the Soviet Union. The same week, Miriam didn’t post a black square and lost a friend of 5 years over her “silent violence.”

Why did we stay out of it? I can’t tell you, outside of what we felt called to do (and not to do).

Miriam and I publicly supported Trump shortly after, and a lot of our friends and acquaintances lost their minds over it.

We let a sizable amount of friends and business go, and we (surprisingly) found something far more worthwhile:

Inner Solidity.

“Do you agree with you? It’s okay to lose friends and business for what you believe in. It’s actually really important that you build the capability not to be manipulated solely by social pressure.”

At the time, we couldn’t really tell you why we felt so compelled to take the “wrong” stance so publicly. We just stood where we felt called to stand, and shared as much as we were guided to.

Fast-forward—that same pressure to make specific social decisions became pressure to make certain medical decisions.

By the time those stakes were raised, we were already thoroughly prepared.

From the beginning, the stats didn’t add up, the narrative didn’t hold water, and the provided solutions seemed more harmful than helpful. As the world now combs through Pfizer’s documentation of almost 1300 adverse side effects, many of which we’d seen from the beginning, we’re not surprised, not caught off guard, not destabilized, and not vaccinated.

Even now, as World War III talk comes ripping through the news cycle, we’re surprisingly settled and informed.

Here’s the point.

We built psychological fortification before we ever truly needed it.

By the time the next thing came around, we knew immediately that something was off because our bandwidth wasn’t already preoccupied with emotion.

Manipulation through intensity, social ridicule, or false dichotomies of morality didn’t work on us in the ways they were designed to, because we were already prepared for them.

I can tell you right now that has nothing to do with being smart, watching the trends, or positioning ourselves for a future we psychically predicted.

That sounds good, and it might be a good way to market ourselves in the spiritual industry as having some supernatural prophetic powers.

But “the secret” is, we didn’t cognitively plan any of this.

What we’ve been doing is far simpler:

More than a decade ago, Miriam and I separately made a bet—it’s the same bet many of you made.

We bet that if we illogically trust that nebulous feeling inside of us, that things would go well.

I dropped out of college, became a full-time entrepreneur, and moved to a spiritual community in California.

Miriam left everything, picked up, and moved across the country after hearing an audible voice on a plane ride to California: “This isn’t a getaway, it’s a return home.”

Those bets “shouldn’t have paid off.”

There was nothing rationally justifiable about them.

Neither of us had the financial security blanket to make those leaps work. We didn’t leave because we had the money to, or because we had a sure and stable plan.

We left because we felt within our beings a call that we’d never felt like that before. We trusted that indescribable and unjustifiable feeling, and that bet (eventually) paid off.

All of these little political and social pivots have been no different.

We are smart, and we’ve gotten very good at helping people refine their intuitive knowing into subtle precision, but that’s not the reason we’ve been ahead of these societal pivots.

It’s because we’re being guided by the same divine intelligence that we all have access to, but so few ever utilize.

In one of our channeled documents, B said, “If you’re using your intuition to any degree in this collective time, you’re The Cutting Edge.”

At the time, that surprised me.

I’d thought for sure that being in something that sounded as profound as “The Cutting Edge” should take a degree of deep dedication to intuitive life or represent a certain threshold of intuitive decision making capability—something a bit “further along.”

Now I see it very clearly. Our world doesn’t use intuition to any degree whatsoever.

External manipulation disguised as logic and virtue drive our population—not intuition, not Light, not divinity, not God.

So yes, if you’re using your intuition to any degree in this collective time, you are The Cutting Edge.

You’re ahead, not behind.

There’s a degree of intensity brewing in the air that’s like seems to be like nothing we’ve faced thus far.

To those not using their intuition to guide their lives and sensemaking, you may want to get a few more cans of beans to offset some of your biological panic.

But for The Cutting Edge, sit tight.

God will prepare you for what’s to come, no different than throughout this entire collective melodrama.

You will continue to only see more clearly and become more internally fortified to psychological, emotional, and spiritual manipulation.

Keep going, keep trusting, and welcome home.

You’re ahead, not behind.

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