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Channeled Clearing Meditation

Channeled Clearing Meditation


This is a highly potent guided meditation from B to help disconnect from unhelpful energetics.


This includes past relationships, collective energetics, and sticky or darker energies and beings. All of that gets buffered, moved, and cleared—then in all that new space, B calls in more of your truest soul essence.


Messages + Intentions:

This meditation is designed to unplug you from energetics that are pulling you off path or making it more difficult to connect to your own soul's truth:

  • Unplugging from past mentors and guides.

  • Disconnecting from the larger collective energetic.

  • Actively calling in your Oversoul to create a solid protection container from any foreign energetic connections.

  • Calling in your truest soul essence to land further into your system, and offer more clarity on what's truly here right now.

This is a meditation that you can listen to dozens of times for continual support in maintaining a stable, safe, and genuinely helpful soul guidance system.

You'll get instant access to the downloadable mp3 meditation on the confirmation page after checkout, as well as via email.

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