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Custom Art of Truth on Canvas

Custom Art of Truth on Canvas



Art of Truth is a multimedia art project to make energy visible.


A wide variety of Art of Truth prints are available on photography paper, shipped to your door in a white or black frame.


But this is not just any piece.


Custom Art of Truth is about bringing your unique soul essence to a full size canvas—something that can be displayed in your home, as a constant activation that calls you forward into more of your truest self.


All that's needed is your name.


During the creation process, Miriam calls in Light and asks to bring through your unique essence. She's then guided through every step of that process.


First, she's guided through the creation of a pastel landscape—everything from the colors to the placement. This temporary pastel piece is a snapshot of your soul's essence and the energetics of what you're currently being called into. It's elusive and can be blown away with a single gust of wind. But this piece alone isn't the final product.


Second, she's guided through the photography of this piece, capturing the piles of pastels at just the right angles and perspectives to bring out what the piece was truly meant to capture. Still, the digital world is, in some ways, just as elusive. So even this isn't the final product.


Finally, the energetic snapshot of your soul's essence is printed on canvas. This energetic snapshot of your soul's essence is made physical.


We're here to bring our soul's essence to this planet, physically. This custom piece is a continual reminder of everything you're here to do and become in this world—not just a snapshot of who you are today, but a snapshot of who you're becoming.


Custom Art of Truth on Canvas is always a masterpiece, because your soul and everything you are becoming is nothing short of the same.



  • 24"x30" or 30"x24" Custom Art of Truth on Canvas
  • Signed Certificate of Authenticity


Custom Orders are created in collaboration with your soul's essence.


Step 1 is the creation of the piece, photography, printing on canvas, and shipping to our location for the piece to be signed by Miriam.


Step 2 is shipping that piece to your home.


There are times where this process happens more slowly than others, but it's always profoundly perfect timing when the piece arrives.


You can expect to receive your custom Art of Truth piece 3-6 months after the purchase date. If you have any questions, you can always reach out at

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