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Lively Liver

Lively Liver


Welcome Home by Miriam is proud to present its first-ever small-batch supplement!


Lively Liver is made with 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef liver, locally sourced from a New England Farm with a focus on holistic practices.


Their cattle graze daily in fresh pasture, with access to free-choice minerals in the form of Redmond rock salt. These brilliant bovine are never treated with hormones or antibiotics, and have never tasted corn or grain. Their “never-ever” grain policy is expected even from their suppliers when purchasing cattle. That level of care for the health of their animals really stood out to us. The note about “processing under continuous USDA inspection“ was just added bonus.


Our Brilliant Bovine Process includes blending, dehydrating, grinding, packing, sorting, and bottling, to take that high quality beef-liver and put it in a form that’s easy to consume for even the most squeamish of palates.


Our personal aim is to get 3.5oz of beef liver into our diet each week, which we use to calculate the precise amount that goes into each bottle of Lively Liver.


For us, having a high-quality real food source of copper has been important. After finding the Root Cause Protocol by Morley Robbins, we have a deep appreciation for both high quality salts and grass-fed beef liver. We can easily add some high quality salt to most meals, but getting beef liver into our diet has proven to be a real challenge—that is, until we learned how to process our liver into capsules! We now take 6 capsules every morning and love the feelings of warmth and vitality we’ve experienced.


There are many sources online for all of the many benefits of beef liver. We encourage you to do some research, if you haven’t already! Being a rich source of retinol (real vitamin A), copper, B vitamins, CoQ10, zinc, and more, it’s certainly one of the most nutrient rich foods we consume.


Most beef liver supplements on the market have 3000mg per serving. For the amount of beef liver we wanted in our diet, that 30 day bottle would only last us 21 days. Our capsules come packed with 4200mg per serving for a full 30 day supply in each bottle, which gets us that 3.5oz of beef liver per week without forcing down liver and onions twice a week.


Orders are now officially open! We're shipping on a weekly basis, and liver is in the dehydrator!


We’re deeply excited to be able to share our daily beef liver health routine with you, and we hope you love these Lively Liver pills as much as we do!


From our kitchen to yours, with love,

- Miriam and David


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

When we first started making beef liver pills, we had no idea what our little home project would turn into.


After finding Morley Robbins’ work on low copper levels in the average American diet, mixed with Dr. Stephanie Seneff’s work on glyphosate stripping copper from the soil, we went to work to find a high quality source for beef liver to help increase our copper intake.


We stumbled upon a USDA Organic farm about 50 miles from our home, with an unusual degree of care for their animals.


These cows were living like nature intended. So, as we do, we bought out their entire stock and filled our storage freezer with 32lbs of liver.


We originally intended on eating 3.5oz a week (the recommended amount from Morley Robbins’ Root Cause Protocol—but after one single meal of liver and onions, we… changed our mind.


We started cutting the beef liver into little chunks and freezing them. They’d stick together like a frozen bag of gummi bears, so we’d break them apart every morning and swallow 5 or 6 little chunks like pills. Still, the taste was… less than appealing.


Some people like the taste. We weren’t so fortunate. Miriam went online and found a high quality source for beef liver from Australia and paid $60 for a plastic bottle.


It didn’t take us long to realize there had to be a better way to get that 3.5oz a week into our diet.


“What if we make it ourselves?”


That question led us down a long line of purchases, education, and manufacturing. As with anything, when the energy is there for it, it’s really there—so we followed the pings, and ended up with a steady personal supply of beef liver capsules. Breaking up little frozen liver chunks in the morning was officially behind us. Hallelujah!


Still, bringing Lively Liver to our community was a whole other decision. Was it going to be worth the countless hours of manufacturing, designing, web design, marketing, packing, and shipping? And even then, would it be a good deal for our people?


There were, after all, other beef liver supplements (in plastic bottles) from perfectly acceptable sources on the market.


But the more we thought about it, we realized that as much as it matters to us to know where a supplement is sourced, and who’s involved in the process, maybe that matters to others too.


We realized how easy it is to put anything into a pill and sell it. There’s almost no regulation and just too much incentive to cheap out on ingredients or cut corners. Worst case for a sleezy manufacturer, they get shut down—but only after getting big enough to merit an investigation and on the off chance that someone actually tests their capsules.


So with that “trust factor” in mind, we started the long process to make Lively Liver a reality—without a single corner cut.

If you’re someone who can appreciate the care we put into a supplement we take ourselves every day, it would be an honor to be your supplier and to send you the finest beef liver we can possibly produce.

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