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When your soul compels you to leap, you're always taken care of. Why?


This course is about saying yes to your soul and watching those yeses create not just a fulfilling life, but radically impact the world around you.


Manifestation 2.0 is about becoming who you're really meant to be in the world.


Includes The Mechanics of Soul Aligned Business, the 31 page document that thoroughly explains:

  • Reality Creation
  • Soul-Aligned Business
  • Fame, Wealth, and Value Exchange
  • Building an Empire of Your Essence
  • Purpose, free will, soul structures, and other relevant ideas to help it all fit into a larger picture

Manifestation 2.0

  • You'll receive a link and password to a private page where you'll have lifetime access to the Channeled Document and Three Recorded Videos with David and Miriam—one teaching video, and 2 Q&A videos.

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