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Oversoul Hoodie V2

Oversoul Hoodie V2

Woven with cotton spun in holy water, this hoodie anchors in your Oversoul down into your heart chakra for maximum bliss abundance love activations on the daily.

Disclaimer: Not spun in holy water, results may vary.

On the real, we like these hoodies. We tested out a few different fabrics and landed on this one because it was soft, stretchy, and comfortable.

In these “V2” Hoodies, we updated the colors to match our latest brand update and added the OS on front.

• 70% polyester, 27% cotton, 3% elastane
• Chest Text: OS for Oversoul (and Operating System)
• Sleeve Text (Above 2): "keep going keep trusting welcome home"
• Sleeve Text (Below 2): "i call in my oversoul i ask to be disconnected from the collective i call in my truest soul essence"
• Plus a few extra hidden messages for you to find!
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