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These docs were created in sequence to offer a logical framework for trusting your intuition in business.


In a world that promotes and trusts emotional manipulation, but not intuitive business, it can be challenging enough as a spiritual entrepreneur to trust your intuition in business, let alone put words to why you feel so strongly about paving your own path.


These docs offer a big context for why intuition is the only logical path forward, and why many of the current trends in business are on their way out.


It's a deep breath of fresh air for spiritual entrepreneurs, and a guiding light for those wanting to step even further into that soul-aligned business path.



1) A Guide to Second Paradigm Business

This doc helps to dismantle the collective ideas around "working hard" and mainstream marketing, then offers a direct challenge to modern business, alongside a new truly-aligned way forward.


2) Getting Your Brain On Board with Your Soul

This doc helps to unravel all that mental chatter when you're learning to trust your intuition in your business. To get your brain on board with your soul means getting the best of both worlds—the full cognitive power of your brain working to help that larger soul mission and path, vs. fighting against it.


3) Overcoming Raw Emotion: Fear, Doubt, Uncertainty

This is a new way to look at fears and doubts that doesn't involve tearing yourself apart and making yourself wrong. What does it look like to genuinely trust your soul every step of the way, and still leave room for internal conflict along the way? This is a breath of fresh air for anyone who's been taught they need to have a "high-vibe" to create a new reality for themselves.


4) Objections to Soul: A Channeled Response

This final doc in the series gets to the deepest roots of that internal conflict with our souls. Are you real? Am I crazy? Are you crazy? Is this mission simply too big and impractical? B unpacks all of these very normal periods of doubt and despair, and comes to deep resolution on the most common (and scariest) internal objections to soul.


These docs, together, are a series of teachings that leave you free to truly trust yourself. Not just because it's "the right thing to do" as a spiritual person—because it makes sense.

The Soul-Aligned Business Series

  • Individual PDF files and a bundled ZIP file, available to read online and download to your own devices.

  • These documents are channeled by David Hrostoski, through his primary contact, B.

    They offer a logical content and framework and, because of the nature of the channeling phenomenon, are also extremely potent energetic transmissions.

    B is also the core source for much of the work at The Second Paradigm, from our monthly channel nights in The Collective, to The Ascension Manual for Planet Earth which was the text that sparked this movement and ideology.

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