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Let's dive right in. First, why does this mini-course exist?

What we believe reality IS, defines everything we do.

If reality is a meaningless byproduct of chance, we act differently than if we believe reality is a divine orchestration of events for our highest benefit.

After diving deep into my own spiritual education (including saying yes to a huge career shift into publicly channeling a non-physical consciousness), I absolutely believe it's possible to find the answers to our biggest existential questions—at the very least, to find something much closer to truth.

This course explains what I call our reality contextwhat we believe the core meaning, purpose, and architecture of existence to be.

In the end, you'll walk away with a grounded, practically useful spiritual foundation to not only understand the spiritual landscape, but actively participate in it.

This material entirely changed the way I live my life, pulled me out of a huge funk in my life, and gave me a reason to keep moving forward into more of my path, and more of myself.

It's an honor to share it with you. <3



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