second paradigm lifestyle

a life without compartments

This document came shortly after we started teaching about Second Paradigm Business, almost as a counter to a heavy business-only approach to life.


Life in the Second Paradigm is a document about becoming yourself in the world.


It helps to refocus on the totality of life, especially after such a massive exploration of purpose and career.


It’s one of the first times we started exploring and teaching about our reality being a single, whole configuration that works together (and shifts together).


It’s a holistic and integrated perspective for looking at these many aspects of life.


Though most have labeled life as a blend and balance of health, wealth, relationships, and spirituality, this doc flips that idea on its head—breaking down the mental barriers between these “compartments of life” to see YOU and your life in their entirety.

The Second Paradigm | Where Soul Makes Sense, Grounded Spirituality, Soul-Aligned Business, David Hrostoski and Miriam Wagoner