Open and Trust Your Intuition

6 Week Course

Hey there!

Have you been wondering how to tell your intuitive knowing from mental chatter or fear?

It’s not always obvious how to sort that out.

Fear is super convincing. So is doubt, uncertainty, unworthiness—fill in the blank!

But soul?

Soul is that steady whisper that nudges you into something better, every time.

We know that if you can hone in on that soul truth, everything gets easier, smoother, and faster.

So what does it look like to “Make Sense of Soul?”

making sense of soul

We decided to create this 6-week course to help those that are feeling overwhelmed with following their internal guidance.

Often times, your internal guidance goes against what everyone else is doing. It feels illogical and makes no sense—but you know deep down that you must follow it!

And we want to acknowledge that it’s okay if you haven’t been following it. Sometimes we just avoid it—until...we don’t!

But there's absolutely a way to find that soul truth in all the noise.

And we want to help make that an easy and fun process. :)

In Making Sense of Soul we help you connect to your truest soul essence—and to learn what that feels like.

There’s all the room in the world for you here to simply be. It’s cozy and spacious and safe to explore your intuitive knowings and pings.

We’ll remind you over and over again that you already know. We’ll teach you how to disconnect from the noise and connect to YOU.

We'll show you that you’re actually set for life by using your own intuitive access.

And maybe most importantly, we'll show you that you’re already way more intuitive than you think you are.

If you’re picking up what we’re putting down, continue down below:


6-Weeks: October 17 - November 21

Thursdays at 4pm PST

  • Weekly Group Calls via Zoom

  • Ongoing Discussion in Facebook Group

  • Call Recordings and Resources

what we're talking about

This course is a big paradigm shift.

No more being wrong.

No more believing you're "behind."

No more confusion or doubt taking you off path.

It's time to make sense of soul and discover what you're really here to do and be in the world.

Once you've learned to access your own soul's truth, it gets to be your guiding light for the rest of your life. <3


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October 17 - November 21

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