the end of spiritual shame


understand the feelings, unplug from the collective, and live your life

After Navigating Darkness, we continued the trend of high-impact transmissions that focused on specific challenges that a lot of people were facing at the same time.


This document is a response to spiritual insecurity, unworthiness, feeling lonely, and feeling behind.


We called all of this “Spiritual Shame.”


Because at the end of the day, it comes down to being different, and the emotional (and evolutionary) challenges that come with that.


From the body’s perspective, it’s a seemingly impossible puzzle—how can I be myself, but also integrate into the world around me? How do I avoid being so “deviant“ that nobody accepts me and I lose everything?


This is a document on cracking that puzzle with the soul’s perspective on The Cutting Edge and the biological programming that tries to prevent our spiritual “deviance.”

The Second Paradigm | Where Soul Makes Sense, Grounded Spirituality, Soul-Aligned Business, David Hrostoski and Miriam Wagoner