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Jonathan Light
Savior from the Stars

God's Gift to Earth
Healer | International Speaker | Spiritual Icon

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"This course is a masterpiece."
- Jesus C.

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Have you ever noticed how terribly poor, sad, and lonely you are?


Have you ever felt hopeless... and just wanted someone to save you?

Well, I AM that savior!


I've unlocked the secrets of the Universe, and I've modeled what's possible here in this multidimensional holographic reality.


Look at me! I'm wealthy, extravagant, and proud of it!


I've won the game of life.

Now, before ascending into my rainbow light body to claim my reward, I've decided to stay behind in my current form on Earth to help people like you achieve what I have achieved.


If you want to see what I've seen, feel what I've felt, and have what I have...


You must do what I have done.


I will show you the way, the truth, and the Light that I AM.


Let's just shoot it straight.


I may be the only person who can save you.

Nothing else has worked, because you haven't found me yet.


The master is ready.


Will the student (you) rise to the occasion?


Will you join me?

Jonathan Light

Jonathan Light
The Starseed Savior

Jonathan Light is The Starseed Savior—an orphan, whose mother passed away from breast cancer when he was only 4 days old. Despite this traumatic start, he's been able to overcome adversity and become a internationally renowned spiritual leader, well-known for his unorthodox methods and big personality.


He's a wealthy and popular spiritual icon, known for his flashy and extravagant style. He's taken a unique approach to personal development and spiritual growth which has amassed him a massive following on YouTube. His latest course, the Starseed Savior Academy, is a state-of-the-art digitally downloadable program designed to save you and make everything better in just 6 weeks or less.

Jonathan is on a mission to save those worthy of his presence before ascending into a rainbow light body on an undisclosed date in the near (or distant) future.

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