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“unslime yourself”

A Guide for Empaths


David Hrostoski

Feeling everyone and everything around us has slowly become a normal and accepted part of spiritual life.


What started off as a comforting idea—knowing that we're not alone for feeling so much—has slowly worked its way into an unhelpful spiritual norm.


For some, it's even become a badge of honor: "If you feel a lot, you're more spiritually evolved than those who don't."


In this article, we‘re going to sort through the noise and reclaim our emotional stability.


We'll unpack what it means to be an empath, and explore a new easier alternative that's quickly becoming available as we all continue forward into greater spiritual awareness.

What's an Empath?


"Empath" is a term that's used to talk about energetic sensitivity.


Empaths can walk into any room and feel the energetic state of everyone there—often, all at once.


While most communicate with words, tone, and body language, empaths have a whole other pathway for communication—energy.


This energetic sensitivity can feel like a superpower.


"I know what my friends, family, and romantic partners are feeling before they even have to say anything."


"I can feel what’s happening in the world and keep a pulse on how the collective is evolving and growing."


"I can intuit things about people I don’t even know, and almost every time, I’m spot on."


That’s an unreal gift. 


It’s something that’s so incredible that, for someone who hasn’t experienced it themselves, it can sound like complete and utter fiction.


But energy (and our ability to feel it) is very real. Empaths are the percentage of our population who know that to be true through first-hand experience.


There's a downside to this incredible sensitivity, though.


In conversations, empaths often feel anxious and overwhelmed. 


They can spend hours clearing, protecting, and getting grounded, even though most of what they're feeling was never theirs to begin with.


At their worst, they can feel totally overloaded with sensation and hermit themselves away entirely.

How This Gift Has Helped Us

Despite the downsides, this gift has been an incredibly useful development for life on Earth.


Empathic ability has been a mark of leadership for generations.


We‘ve all seen how a group responds to a well-articulated summary of what everyone in the room is feeling and saying.


After many minutes of argument and discord, a wise and silent observer in the back of the room clears their throat. Everyone turns to listen.


“It sounds like we’re all actually in agreement here. Jimmy wants to make sure we’re protected and secure before we make this decision, and John wants to make sure we seize this opportunity before it slips away. What if we just agree to do both, and move forward as a team?”


The conflict suddenly resolves and the whole group sighs with relief, coming into energetic coherence.


Being able to feel everyone energetically offers a broad and vast perspective to pull from.


That vast perspective has moved mountains by unifying a previously disjointed population.


How This Gift is Changing


So what about today?


It's indisputable that our world is changing.


The collective is largely confused and disjointed, and the energetic landscape is shifting and morphing rapidly.


Where are these empathic leaders today?


It’s as if, more and more, the most grounded and reasonable voices are getting drowned out and pushed aside.


When they “clear their throats at the back of the room,” the disagreement only grows louder and more intense.




We live in a world where:


  • Donald J. Trump is President of the United States of America.


  • Reality TV stars have significantly larger followings than the greatest philosophers and thinkers of our time.


  • Polarizing and purposefully triggering news regularly beats out well-researched analysis in viewership across the board.


  • Scientific consensus gets steam-rolled by loud personalities with loud opinions, and our collective can hardly make sense of truth anymore.


Where are these calm voices when we need them?


They’re muffled, unassertive, under-appreciated, and fading into the background of the public forum.


What’s happening?

How the World is Changing


What used to work, simply isn’t working anymore.


Here’s why.


Our “A Guide for Empaths” channeled document, explores this whole topic on a subtle energetic level and offers some helpful distinctions here.


“You are reaching a time where the collective awakening has reached a threshold where individuals are no longer asleep enough to be led in this way. Individual sovereignty and decision making is coming online more than ever before in your collective history.


“In this, what’s becoming most important today, is not actually being able to feel the entirety of the collective around you, but to fully self-actualize and lead the way through your example—to show that it’s possible to fully anchor your soul essence and live your life in this way.


“As an ever-awakening being, having a model of what’s possible is more important than having a leader to make decisions for you."


Let’s unpack this a bit.


What we’re collectively looking for has changed.


It used to be helpful to lead others through our own understanding of the whole.


The silent observer held back his own personal opinions to speak from the perspective of the whole.


That clarity of the group perspective allowed for collective compromise.


“If everyone compromises, the whole can move forward.”


Each side let go of their perspective to all come together on a single, shared perspective.


In this ever-awakening world, however, the spiritual landscape is evolving quite substantially.


We’re beginning to realize that our differences are important. We’re all seeing different aspects of this larger puzzle, and all of our perspectives are valid.


We’re not all here to be the same thing or share the same perspective of right and wrong, good and bad. 


We’re not here to compromise our values. We’re here to bring our values out into the public spotlight to be seen in their fullest expression.


In doing that, we create genuine synergy.


Two parts coming together to create something bigger than themselves requires individualization—whole and sovereign individuals.


It requires a boldness that wasn’t possible before in the Age of Compromise.


Where we used to look for uniformity through compromise, we’re now looking for synergy through individualization.

A New Role for Spiritual Leaders


For guidance in this changing landscape, we’re looking to those who are already doing this very thing.


We’re looking for liberated expression.


Is it any wonder that our politically correct, overly compromising leaders are slipping into the background of this new conversation?


Figures like Donald Trump, the Kardashians, Kanye West, Russell Brand, Jordan Peterson, Richard Dawkins, and more—they’re being themselves as openly and loudly as possible.


They’re uncompromising in their values. They’re loud, bold, and opinionated.


Whether or not you personally agree with their perspective doesn’t matter.


Just by seeing these figures boldly expressing themselves creates permission for you to do the same with your own personal values.


The content of what’s being said has become less important than the energetic boldness of the embodiment.


That heightened level of expression is what we’re each searching for internally.


Truth. Realness. Rawness. Transparency.


We all want to be liberated expressions of ourselves.


And today, more than ever, we’re looking for leaders who give us permission to do just that.


Not to sit silently on the sidelines with politically correct opinions, but to boldly assert our essence into the world.


Through doing this, we collectively move forward more quickly than we’ve ever been able to before.


We all play our roles—full out.

Disconnecting from the Collective


As energetically sensitive beings, it’s more important than ever to “disconnect from the collective.”


By doing so, we unplug from an old model of leadership and step back into our own unique expression.


We move into a new phase of life where we are fully ourselves. That, in itself, creates a model for others to do the same.


We no longer have to baby the world around us through our energetic sensitivity.


We can step back from these roles and step, instead, into our purest and truest soul expression.


What world do we live in when spiritual people all over the world are no longer pretending to compromise their truths, just to fit in?


What world do we live in when those spiritual people are fully embodying their truths and boldly proclaiming their essence out into the world?


What becomes possible when this larger collective suddenly has permission to bring out their own spiritual expression that for years has been suppressed in the name of compromise?


These questions can only be answered if we’re bold enough to play that role ourselves.


By becoming ourselves, we give every spiritual person around us even greater permission to embody their truths.


The ripple effect is monumental.


Half-truths and compromise are outdated relics of the past.


The only question is whether or not we’ll cling to that past, or boldly step into our new roles as beacons of fully-embodied and liberated expression.


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These ideas were taken from our channeled document, “A Guide for Empaths."

A Guide for Empaths Channeled Document.j
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