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making soul visible

since 2016

art of truth
oracle deck
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what is the art of truth

oracle deck?

47 Cards  |  Guidebook  |  Rigid-Edge Box

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The Art of Truth Oracle Deck is intended to connect you back to yourself and your inner knowing.

Art of Truth is a project I started back in 2016, to bring energy into physical form.

What would it look like to make a piece of art that captured a felt sense, or even the potent spiritual energy we feel in meditation while we connect with our deepest soul truth?

These pieces have always had the intention of making soul visible.

What started as custom pieces for individuals to see and feel their soul's essence in art form, have since transformed into a series of broader, powerful energies that can be returned to again and again for inspiration and soul wisdom.

The Art of Truth Oracle Deck takes the felt sense of energies like Peace, Truth, and Serenity, and brings them into something that can be seen and held.

By meditating with these pieces, clarity, inspiration, and guidance starts to arise. The messages that come through these pieces are timeless, deeply packed, and meant for everyone!

• •

The Guidebook

During this deck creation process, I've had a lot of resistance to channeled readings. Everything in me said no, no, no!

Just recently, I was flipping through one of my favorite decks—and while I got exactly what I needed from the card itself, the messages in the guidebook turned me toward things I should work on, and how my vibration probably wasn't high enough. That goes against everything I believe to be true for anyone!

I don't want to put my own thoughts into someone else's consciousness. I want people to be able to find their own internal guidance, and to fully trust that!

I want you to be able to look at these Art of Truth pieces and know that you're already good, already whole, and your vibe is already high! So from that place, what else is possible, and what other messages are here for you?

I want this Oracle Deck to be timeless. Not just the latest spiritual lingo thrown into a book and sold on Amazon, only to be outdated a few years later—a truly transformative experience where you get to use these cards and guidebook to strengthen your access to your own intuitive knowing

These cards are an extension of me and my message:

"Trust Yourself!"

Instead of sharing my own interpretations of these cards and energetics, I'll teach you how to connect to them yourself!

My intention is for this to be the last guidebook you'll ever need.


This deck isn't meant to showcase ME as the Oracle and how great and intuitive I am.

It's meant to help YOU become the Oracle!


deck specs:

Art of Truth Oracle Deck Card

High Quality Cards:

  • 5" tall, 3.5" wide

  • highest quality available (400gsm)

  • shiny silver edges

  • smooth protective gloss



  • estimated 147 pages (of course!)

  • smooth protective gloss cover


  • fits guidebook and book snug

  • two piece box—top slides off a bottom that holds the cards and guidebook

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