a course for men who feel the weight of the world on their shoulders

hopelessness, and despair.


            his course is designed to POP the energy of stagnation,             

Instead of silently managing energetics and slipping into isolation, this 7-week group experience is about taking a leap INTO the world.

1. moving the energy

We're going to start with physically and practically moving the energy.


Things like: cleaning your home, moving your body, and a running/exercise practice with a focus on unearthing your power and solidity.

2. being you in the world

We'll then explore some energetic subtleties and discuss what it really means to embody yourself in the world.

This means not just an energetic embodiment or state, but letting YOUR unique thoughts and emotions out to be expressed. This is "A Guide for Empaths" to the next level.

3. disengaging with what doesn't matter

This week is about letting old threads drop off.


This includes people who suck the life out of you, cultural frenzy that's unrelated to what you're here to do and be, and outdated healing paradigms that try to heal what's not genuinely holding you back.

4. doing what's actually here

With renewed energy and clarity, this is coming back to the ONE thing that life is asking of you right now.

This week includes understanding the basic mechanics of life, growth, and soul, and why what's really here right now is far more important than anything else.

5. when you hit a wall

When, not if, you hit roadblocks, it's important to have an inner framework for navigating the pause.

Most importantly, you didn't fuck anything up.

This week is about understanding how roadblocks show up to help you prepare for what's coming and are there to help you, not crush you.

6. re-engaging with the world

After those roadblocks come up, and momentum has slowed, how do you re-engage with life?

This is about getting back on your feet—getting back to the basics, moving the energy, and letting it be smooth and easy.

7. looking forward and integrating

On this last week, we'll review the macro perspective and really emphasize how you truly get to be yourself for the rest of your life in a slow and steady rise to everything you're here to create and be in the world.

No more healing wounds.

No more digging.

No more processing.

No more figuring it all out before you act.

No more lying to yourself about how capable you are.

No more bullshitting the world.


seven weeks

Live Zoom Calls

Fridays at 4pm PST

Course Begins on April 3rd, 2020

One Time Payment


3 Monthly Payments


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