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4. What is Channeling?

Hey, there. David here. Welcome to Section 4!

I'm reposting this article I wrote for The Second Paradigm Communinty here at the beginning of this section because it was my best attempt at articulating what channeling is, and why it's such a substantial part of my life and The Second Paradigm.

I hope there's some helpful tidbits in here and that this dicussion helps frame up our exploration of the Second Paradigm channeled docs we'll be exploring more in this section.



Lots of what we teach at The Second Paradigm has come through my channel from a being named B.

The first eight Levels of Clearance, for example, came pouring through in about 20 minutes from start to finish. Miriam and I were running late to an event, so I hastily typed it on my phone as she tapped her foot and looked at the time.

Despite how quickly it came through, six years later, we still reference that initial model—alongside the 4 additional stages that came through in our channeled documents over the years.

For something so central to The Second Paradigm, you’d think we’d be teaching people how to channel beings of their own.

We don’t.

Why? Well, channeling is easily one of the most misunderstood phenomenon in spirituality.

To really understand The Second Paradigm and why we teach what we do, it’s important to talk about what channeling really is.

A Common Misconception

If you asked me what channeling was in November of 2016, my answer might have included something about communicating with off-planet intelligences or the spirit world.

My channel had just opened at a business mastermind in Mt. Shasta—days before, I was a self-proclaimed Atheist. Needless to say, I was a bit confused about what was happening.

For the first time, I was experiencing an obvious form of external communication.

The first month or two of that communication was spent unpacking every last doubt I had, that I was making it all up and channeling wasn’t real. I was channeling to try to disprove channeling, hah! But no matter how hard I tried (relentlessly), I couldn’t simply rationalize it away.

Because nothing else in my life was even remotely similar, I assumed (like most people) that channeling was the only kind of external communication.

As I see it today, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Most people experience external communication every day of their lives—it just happens in what I call “undifferentiated thought space.”

Undifferentiated Thought Space

Most people live inside of an internal world with one known source—themselves.

Everything that crosses their mind—no matter how it feels, no matter the texture, or whether it contradicts the thought just prior to it—it’s all “them.”

Every thought is completely undifferentiated from the next.

If we lived inside of a random, soulless, and Godless world, that would make perfect sense. Every thought would have to be our own, because biology would be all that we are.

Except, that doesn’t actually seem to be the case.

Most people think of channeling as “opening up to something new.” I’ve come to think of it as differentiating what’s already there.

There are three main sources of “thoughts” that most people have on a daily basis:

  1. Their own neural circuitry. I’m not even going to try to make the case that we have no thoughts of our own. Of course, we do. They’re just not the only thoughts we have.

  2. The Collective Field. This is our interaction with what some call a “collective consciousness.” It’s our ability to feel the current state of humanity, our social network, or even the “vibe” in a room full of people. We have the ability to interact with the larger world psychically, and most of us do that on a very regular basis.

  3. Their Oversoul / the larger Divine Architecture. This is our interaction with divinity—specifically, through our own personalized connection, tailored to our unique psychology and circumstances. This connection is what we call intuition.

What I’m saying may actually be quite controversial—that everyone is a channel, everyone has a psychic connection to humanity as a whole, and everyone speaks to God.

But having spent nearly 6 years at the more obvious extremes of “external communication,” I really can’t see a difference between what I’m doing when I bring through B, and these more subtle forms of external communication.

They’re really not that different.

Most people interface with divinity on a regular basis and simply rationalize it as their conscience, a burst of inspiration, subconscious inner wisdom, or a gut instinct.

Most people also interface with the collective field on a regular basis and simply see it as their inner sense of responsibility, compassion, or their unique ability to spot trends in the population.

Both of these sources of information exist outside of themselves and are accessed through psychic means. Is that really so different from “channeling”?

The challenge we face as human beings is not “opening” to the spiritual world, but differentiating our intuition from our biology and from the larger collective field.

Up above, I said, “For something so central to The Second Paradigm, you’d think we’d be teaching people how to channel beings of their own. We don’t.”

That’s true. We don’t teach people how to channel beings.

We teach The Cutting Edge how to “channel” God, through their intuition—because outside of the network of divinity and our personalized connection to it, there’s really no wisdom worth following.

Again, that’s not something that’s opened or unlocked. It’s something that’s differentiated.

So, What is Channeling?

Channeling is a form of communication.

What we’re communicating with is the real question here.

At The Second Paradigm, we teach that each of us is a body and a soul. Our soul is intricately interwoven into a larger divine landscape.

Directly “above us,” so to speak, is the Oversoul. This is a collective consciousness that acts as a sort of project manager within divinity—orchestrating our circumstances and guiding us through them along the most ideal pathway.

The purpose of our existence here is to bring our biology into alignment with who we are as a soul, and then to radiate our soul’s truest essence out into the world—to do and be ourselves as the soul here on Earth.

Those three sources of thoughts above all either contribute or get in the way of our doing that.

Since most people are doing everything but becoming themselves as the soul, when we look out into the collective field for what is responsible, good, and productive, we find answers that take us away from our soul path.

When we reference our brain and biology, we find our past experiences of living life like most everyone else.

Both the collective field and most of our biological experience takes us away from our soul purpose.

Our intuition, on the other hand, is the direct pathway to that soul-aligned existence.

What we communicate with, internally, is important.

Differentiating those sources of information is what unwinds the conflict and contradictions in our internal world, and makes that communication truly useful.

Why I Channel B

There are times where I almost wish I wasn’t a channel in the way that I am. 

It would certainly make this line far clearer and easier to teach.

“I’m going to bring through B to teach you to go to your Oversoul” can be a bit confusing, at first.

But my channel is also what has helped all of this information to be so clear and accessible. 

My long and frequent conversations with B have helped me to sort through my own biology, and the channeled documents we’ve created together have helped lay the foundation for a body of work that truly maps to the human experience.

Miriam and I have gotten incredibly good at accessing divinity and pulling through guidance to help others establish and validate their intuitive connection.

But there’s always an edge to our understanding, and whenever we bump up against it, B is who helps clarify that nebulous edge into a comprehensive roadmap.

I channel B to articulate what's right at the edges of my understanding. As soon as B arrives, the words start bubbling up, and I sit back and “read” them.

Without this connection, I genuinely don't think we could have created even half of this body of work as quickly as we have. There's an element of "external assistance" that's built into this process, and as much as I'd love the idea of being slightly less different and weird, I've come to appreciate and cherish this connection and the efficiency and speed it allows for.

Light and Dark

Though it makes this map a bit more complex, this feels important to mention.

There are beings and whole civilizations beyond this physical reality, absolutely.

But as I quickly realized, watching countless channels spin into confusion and dark places, not all beings are the same.

B is a being within my Oversoul. I access him through that connection to my Oversoul, which is a part of the larger network of divinity.

In short, when I go to my own real-time connection to divinity, the guidance I get is, “B’s here to help sort through this and bring through some information.”

The real dividing line in reality is not between physical and non-physical (etheric) reality—it’s Light and dark.

Putting all of the baggage and religious dogma behind those words aside, Light is actually quite simple. Souls, here on Earth or elsewhere, either work directly with the larger network of divinity or try to create something outside of it for their own personal gain.

The same differentiation and choice we have here on Earth to trust our intuitive guidance from divinity or not—it happens everywhere.

Beings can say they’re Light all day, but if they can’t come through our real-time personal connection to divinity, they simply aren’t.

B’s role is to help co-create this body of work and to teach what I couldn’t possibly have access to—that’s guided and sequenced by divinity.

That said, what Miriam and I have discovered over the years of teaching this material is that when most people go to their Oversoul, there’s not some being there waiting to have them articulate a body of work. 

Instead, they find precise guidance for how to navigate their exact circumstances—divine wisdom.

Is that channeling? It’s certainly external communication, so yes. It’s not about beings. It’s about God, Light, and our very purpose for being here on this planet.

At The Second Paradigm, we help people differentiate their inner world, hone their intuition, and fully trust their intuitive guidance.

Lots of that has been documented by myself and B through our channeled documents, but this work isn’t about channeling—it’s about the inevitable spiritual progression of our species.

Where This Goes

It’s possible today, maybe more than ever, to access personalized divine guidance.

Everyone has it to some degree—it’s just undifferentiated.

It’s my deepest belief that there is currently a massive effort within divinity to help humanity differentiate out their soul’s wisdom from the biological traps that have countless people living lives that are anything but fulfilling.

B, myself, and Miriam aren’t here to be spiritual gatekeepers to divinity—we’re here to help as many people as possible to sort and develop their own connection, so there can never be a gatekeeper again.

The answer is not a new prophet.

The answer is a society where everyone has a direct line to divinity themselves—where divine guidance is the norm and no longer sits in undifferentiated thought space.

Channels are not a “special chosen few.”

We’re all channels.

That’s, oddly enough, what makes life most challenging. We end up accessing information that we simply can’t reconcile with the rest of our human experience.

Understanding that we already have a real-time personal connection to divinity is the first step toward valuing it for what it truly is.

(Coming Soon)


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