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Manifestation: Do Thoughts Create?

Manifestation: Do Thoughts Create?


Exploring all things manifestation, high vibe, and frequency from a Second Paradigm perspective. What can we do to create the life we feel calling to us?


A Look Inside:


1. Something Ain’t Right Here… (40m)

If we practice manifestation wholly and perfectly, what does life become? Part 1 explores odd aspects of manifestation that started our questioning process.


2. Pulling Back the Curtain (32m)

Looking at the roots of manifestation and New Age Spirituality as a whole, what do we find? Part 2 explores the suspicious overlap with mainstream Satanism and takes this discussion a whole lot deeper.


3. God and Manifestation (51m)

Why source and universe, and not God? A look at Eastern and Western religion, and where manifestation fits in that picture.


4. But… How Do Things Get Better? (48m)

With manifestation coming under the microscope, it begs the question: how does life actually get better? Is there any way to create the spiritually aligned life that called us those many years ago?

You'll receive a digital PDF with a link to your own private access page.


There, you'll be able to listen to all parts online, or download the tracks to take with you on the go.

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