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Second Paradigm Money

Second Paradigm Money


Financial Hardship can be one of the most challenging aspects of being a human in the modern age.​ Why does it happen from a soul perspective? And why haven't affirmations and belief work been shifting things as much as they've promised to?​


In this mini course, we fully unpack money, wealth creation, and financial hardship from a Second Paradigm Perspective.


Get the Full Channeled Doc that Explores:

  • Why things get hard
  • The Purpose of Money
  • How Soul uses financial hardship to its evolutionary advantage
  • How to find peace in your circumstances, while still choosing expansion






3 Hours of Recorded Video Teachings with David and Miriam

  • The Core Live Teaching Video + 2 Recorded Q&A Teachings


The Second Paradigm Money Channeled Document

  • Over 20 pages of detailed breakdowns of new paradigm shifting ideas about money, financial hardship, soul-aligned decision making, and more.
  • Including a PDF version for reading, and an audio version read by David for listening.

You'll receive a link and password to a private page where you'll have lifetime access to the Channeled Document and Three Recorded Videos with David and Miriam—one teaching video, and 2 Q&A videos.

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