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What is Darkness?

What is Darkness?


What is the nature of darkness on Earth, where it did begin, what is it doing today, and what can be done about it?


A Look Inside:


Introduction (8m)


The Root of Darkness on Earth (23m)

  • Babylonian mythology and how it relates to “the dark hierarchy” as a Second Paradigm concept.
  • “The Council of Seven,” expanding the dark hierarchy concept.
  • Where darkness fits into the larger picture of divinity, the larger etheric structure, and physical reality.
  • The marketed PR image of darkness vs. the reality of darkness.


The Problem Darkness Faces (29m)

  • How the Oversoul, Outersoul, and Uppersoul shape the structure of reality—and where darkness fits in that picture.
  • Why darkness is “stuck.”
  • The larger purpose of Earth as it relates to darkness.
  • Why darkness is rebelling against divinity, and what they’re trying to prove.


The Plans of Darkness (& Why We Disagree with 99% of Truthers) (47m)

  • Visible vs. hidden structures
  • Why the digital “Hopium Revolution” can’t be the full picture.
  • Why the “darkness respects free will” narrative doesn’t check out.
  • Why “fight the Great Reset” may not be a legitimate path to freedom.
  • Pinpointing actual darkness outside of the arbitrary lines we draw between “good guys” and “bad guys.”


The Only Possible Solution (1h 4m)

  • Where is the hope, and where’s the way out of darkness?
  • Is reality on Earth just a sick and cruel punishment? How can God possibly be good in a world of suffering? Why are we here?
  • The progression of Light throughout history through various religious movements.
  • Why we don’t claim to be or want to be prophets—and the true solution of Light as it overcomes darkness on Earth.
  • The inevitable progression of Light into the modern day.

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There, you'll be able to listen to all parts online, or download the tracks to take with you on the go.

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