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the beginning

Hello there!

I must admit, I feel a little strange creating a course on anger, rage, purification, truth speaking, and trusting yourself. Well, truth speaking and trusting yourself feel easy! The anger, rage, purification teaching certainly feels so much more confronting.


Since I'm one for stories, I'll share how this all started.

On February 1, 2020 I was on a flight from Seattle to Mexico for a week long aerial yoga retreat. Yes, it was as amazing as you would imagine it to be. Top notch people, food, yoga, atmosphere, beaches, seaglass, swimming... everything! I was totally in my element!

So, as one does... I got on the plane, put on a movie, and dosed in and out of sleep with my head bobbing all over the place. I was in an aisle seat, which I loath! But I didn't even think about picking my seats. I so much prefer a window seat, not only to see the world, literally! But to snuggle up against the window with my pillow and blanket! Isn't that the best?

After my head was done bobbing... I woke up with this massive urge to write about the importance of anger. I wasn't sure if I was pulling from a collective feed, my own, someone else's journal entry or what. I wasn't giving it too much thought, I just knew I needed to write and get it all out. I'll share my journal entry with you down below.

As soon as we landed in Mexico I was swept into my love for that country and the people. I feel most at home in my body in Mexico. I always have. It's just so nourishing!

After more travel... a van and then a boat... we finally got to the retreat center. I thought about the pages and pages of this course that came through and I didn't feel any connection to anger, frustration, purification... nothing... I even flipped through my journal that night to see if what I wrote even made sense with fresh yet tired eyes.

Nope, it didn't resonate at all!

I thought "oh, huh... must not have been for me... must have been for someone else on the plane to teach. I hope they got the memo! Good thing it's not for me to do!" ((phew))

Yes, I literally thought this! There are pieces of me that still doubt it and think that this is probably best suited for someone else.

Then of course as it turns out, I was sitting pool side with this one woman chatting about life. One of the first things she talked about was the importance of anger! I was like FUCK... you've got to be kidding me? Was she on my same plane? She must have been... our feeds must have gotten crossed... yup... for sure... I wonder what she does... she's probably meant to teach this course... right? Does she teach courses? Does she want to? 🤔

I didn't tell her what came through on the plane for me... I just sat with the discomfort and sorta ignored the very obvious sign from the Universe. I'm sure you know what happens when you ignore signs from the Universe, they just come back around and continue to get more clear and more persistent. #moreannoying is what I call them.

That persistence is what had me up at 4:00am writing all of this for you from Denver, CO.

I'm going to share my entire journal entry with you. If I scanned the pages they would be illegible, so I'll transcribe! 😂 My writing is so messy, especially when it's coming through all fiery and hot!


*David's always asking me if it's a "s" or a "g"... and I say oh, that's an "e"! 😂 So yes, I'll transcribe!

journal entry


What's Here?

We need your truth.

We need your voice.

We need your power.

We need your truth!

 — did I say that already?

Where would we be without the angry woman?

— not far... definitely not where we are today.

I'm not talking about picket signs and protests... although... thank you...

I'm speaking to my fellow friends that have a lump in their throat and would rather have tears stream down their cheeks before they ever dare speak.

I'm talking to those of you who would rather cry than rage.

I'm talking to those of you who claim to never be angry.

I'm talking to those of you that would rather keep the peace than destroy what's been built.

I'm talking to those of you because I was you. I am you. I get it!


I would rather have tears fall down my face than let my shaky voice speak words of truth.


I would rather be consoled because of my tears than risk scaring people away because of my rage.

I would rather swallow with the lump in my throat than speak piercing truth that I know damn well will destroy everything in sight.

Ladies... women... humans... we must be able to access that inner rage, transmute it, and use it for good!

An angry woman is a clear woman.

An angry woman is a full woman.

An angry woman is a whole woman.

We must learn how to use our anger in order to move forward in life... to move toward what we want.


Fires create new growth opportunities and FUCK do we need them!

If you want to get in touch with the purification within you... it's all right here! It's all available to you. If you have a lump in your throat, tears in your eyes... I'm here! TRULY! I want to hear everything you have to say!


You won't do nearly as much damage as you think. I promise! It feels like you'll burn their eyebrows off if you share your fiery truth and heat... but you won't! Trust me, I've looked... no burnt eyebrows in all my time in truth speaking. Although wouldn't that be ridiculous if that happened?! You'd look at someone and know that truth was just spoken to them by their scorched eyebrow! 😂Maybe it would be a new trend and everyone would try to create the scorched eyebrow look. 😋

It's always so refreshing to hear your truth and your perspectives. We need to hear from you! We must hear from you!

You have your viewpoints for a reason... it's not for nothing.

Your fire is a direct link to what you're here to do in this world. Are you ready to know what that is?!

Where does your truth get jammed up?

Let's create space for things to unjam  they literally feel like blocks in your throat, don't they? Like teeny tiny building blocks. Ugh, I know the feeling!

This is for my fiery friends who've suppressed their fire for long enough.

This is for my friends who wish they had fire but seem to come up with only tears.

This is for my friends who have a lump in their throat.

This is for my friends who are afraid they'll hurt people they love if they speak their truth.

If you're seeking more bold tenacity... join us!

We need your radical view points. We need your seemingly controversial ideas. We need all of you!


Let your truth change and be fluid... no more making yourself wrong. No more feeling like you manifested a shitty situation or person into your life. You didn't.

Once we clear out all of that noise you're left with YOU!


More of YOU is exactly what the world needs. It's exactly what we prayed for. When we see you, hear you, feel you, we're relieved to know that you're here doing your thing. Let the people fall off... let them drop... let things go. Really trust the energy and allow yourself to follow it!


You might want to take these calls from your home or in the car... a place where you have space and time for yourself.  Ask your partner to take the kid/s out for 90 mins... allow yourself to take up space and ask for what you want and need. No holding back! No more filters. Definitely no posturing. Come as you are! No makeup and showers necessary.

Below is a general layout for our 6 weeks together. Know that things are fluid and we'll weave in and out of exercises and topics. We're all cocreating this together in real time and you'll get to witness what it looks like when we really listen to where the energy is guiding us — because that's how I roll. ☺️

There is a Facebook group you can join! It's totally up to you. You won't miss anything by not joining it. I'll email you the recordings of our calls if you choose not to join the FB group. No FOMO necessary... ok? You get to do you and trust that your intuitive pings to join or not join something are spot on!

mondays march 23 - april 27

4:00pm - 5:30pm pst


What makes you, you?

What makes you RAGE?


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