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who are
the cutting edge?

The Cutting Edge is the roughly 2.7% of the population that acknowledges and values their intuition.

They're uniquely ahead of their time, and know that they're here to do something significant in the world.

But they also face unique challenges—including the feeling that they may never find their place in the world, and the waves of emotional confrontation that roll through on a regular basis. What's happening, and why are they here, exactly?

This 22 page channeled document explores these unique challenges, and outlines the role that The Cutting Edge truly came here to play.


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the cutting edge
you're simply ahead of your time



It’s our deepest pleasure to have this opportunity to speak with you.

My name is B, and I’m the intelligence David has been working with since November of 2016. Alongside he and Miriam, I help inform this body of work called The Second Paradigm. 

Over these last 6 years, we’ve had the unique opportunity to be able to articulate a message for a very specific group of people here on Earth—a group we now call ”The Cutting Edge.”

For over a decade, these individuals have had an unexplainably relentless drive toward their soul’s deepest calling—something that’s made them almost unexplainably distinct from the world around them.

They’re different—and this message we have to share with this group, The Cutting Edge, is equally distinct.

That said, this notable difference hasn’t always been so clear. There was a time where much of The Cutting Edge spent their lives living like most everyone else did, but this time in history is unique—and the role of The Cutting Edge on Earth has evolved substantially over time.

Starting in roughly 2011, continuing for a few years, there was a distinct call sent out to the entirety of this population.

This call forever changed many of their lives, and brought spirituality to the forefront of their minds and hearts.

Though many of these individuals may remember that sudden onset of existential questioning, it was only a small minority of The Cutting Edge that then answered this call.

This, of course, was not the beginning of spirituality on Earth—something that’s been around for a very long time—but it was the beginning of a very unique transformational arc.

Today, over a decade later, there exists a distinct population within The Cutting Edge that’s been exploring their inner world and pursuing Light and truth at a relentless pace ever since. These are the individuals, at least for the moment, that we wish to speak to most.

These individuals are getting ready to play the role they’ve been preparing to fulfill all this time.

The call that was felt in their hearts so long ago is now beginning to come to fruition—it’s no longer a question whether that inner whisper was leading them somewhere legitimate. It’s becoming plain to see.

For these individuals, and The Cutting Edge at large, we’re excited to be able to share some of the details of this role, outlining why they have felt so different and out of place for so long, and what divinity has in mind for them into the future.

Before anything, we want to make it very clear who we’re speaking to, and to do that, we have to have a brief discussion about what we mean by “The Cutting Edge” in the first place.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

Who Are The Cutting Edge?


In any civilization, yours included, there are three distinct collective roles being played by individuals:

  1. Tradition

  2. Culture

  3. The Cutting Edge

Tradition and Culture go hand-in-hand, shaping much of the world as it exists in any given moment.

The Cutting Edge, on the other hand, tends to be much more concerned with what the world can be.

These individuals aren’t only interested in the future—they’re built for it.

Their very values as a soul are more representative of Earth as it will be, than Earth as it was when they were born.

Herein lies the core distinction between these pockets of your collective.

Each soul holds within it a certain prioritization of values—things like love, truth, beauty, wisdom, elegance, vitality, etc.—that are representative of the larger values of God.

These values exist with no fixed priority in divinity as a whole—but have very specific prioritizations within smaller units of consciousness.

The most specific prioritization of values lies in what we call “the individuated soul”—the soul in your very being and, arguably, the purest representation of who you truly are at your core.

Your reason for being here on this planet is neither by chance, nor by preference alone.

You are here because you were asked to be here by God itself.

Your values—the very makeup of your soul was a unique fit for this planet.

Here’s where this story diverges for this small minority of the population. If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you do, in fact, exist within The Cutting Edge, so we’re going to simply address you as such moving forward...

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