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What is Direct Access?

Earlier, we explored the place where The Cutting Edge lies dormant—how they get stuck at Direct Access without a quality spiritual education to give them a place to slot their experiences.

If you're still here with us this far into the series and resonating with these lessons, chances are you're somewhere along this larger sequence, being pressed along this evolution even now.

If so, there are some things that are helpful to understand about this journey.

First and foremost:

This path truly goes somewhere.

This continual drive inside of you to trust your intuition, even when it's not convenient or easy—this is what we call your "evolutionary edge."

The more you're able to lean into that edge, the faster this process moves along. Each big intutive message you get is leading you somewhere—along this larger sequence to the destination we call Eternal Peace.

The pathway there starts with this chapter, Direct Access, but even here, every step forward along that intutive path gets you closer to developing the capabilities to do your life's work and find greater Peace in your life.

There's a version of your life where you know, without a shadow of a doubt, that there's not a single thing that can be moved or altered to make it better—that you're living 100% in alignment with your soul's path.

That kind of knowing brings a sense of deep fulfillment that's the closest thing to complete "relief" for someone on The Cutting Edge.

It's not about money, status, fame, or even impact, legacy, or feeling emotionally positive and blissful all the time.

It's about the fulfillment that comes from living a life with zero compromise as a soul—entirely guided by your ever-increasingly precise and clear intuition.

Even with life's challenges, and even before your life's work is out in the world or complete, there's an inner destination where you truly feel like you're doing right by divinty and that you're living the exact life you're meant to in the moment.

This is what makes every challenge along the way—including the nebulous, wordless, confusing conflict inside—all worth it.

There's a purpose to the challenges you're facing.

That said, when you're inside the experience, that's not always so easy to see. That's the purpose of this larger sequence of The Levels of Clearance in the first place.

Divinity is trying to show you in your own life that you can trust your intuition.

Right now, especially here in Direct Access, validating that connection is the single top priority.

In Direct Access, fully trusting your intuition is near impossible.

You may know what to do, and what's true, but it's just too intense to do anything about it. Your knowing is somewhat quiet, fleeting, and not always accessible.

You find yourself being almost overridden by a panicked frenzy that tries its best to figure out what's wrong, how to fix it, and what to do immediately to make it all better.

In this chapter of life, your job is simple.

You're not wrong for not being able to fully trust your intuition—yes, even when you play things out that you already know won't go well.

The sticky relationships, odd dynamics with family and friends, working a job you know you're meant to leave—all of it is a part of this process.

Again, this is where most all of The Cutting Edge will continue to live the rest of their lives. You're not behind—you're in the process of a kind of liberation that should be impossible.

Your divine mission in Direct Access is simply to...


Here, you're learning to validate your intuition.

Even when you don't trust it, you're getting to have the lived experience of watching things go as you thought they would.

Your logic, money pressures, social pressures, and more are all compelling you to forget about your intuition, put your head down, and "do what you have to do."

But your intuition is showing you what's going to happen, even before it does.

That access has a purpose.

It's a chapter of life experience designed to validate your intuitive channel.

There's no risk in doing what you'd do anyway, while simultaneously knowing what your intuition is guiding you to do. Nothing is different, and no box is left unchecked.

Your brain and body have no reason to panic.

But all the while, you're validating your intuition through that experience.

Over time, you learn to trust it.

Cognitively, this is easy.

"Oh, I totally trust my intuition. I know it's always right!"

But trusting it and leaving some of those cognitive boxes unchecked, is a whole other challenge.

That's what's coming.

Eventually, you start trusting your intuition.

You start with the little things—which direction to drive to work that day, sending a message to a friend out of the blue, or going to a new meetup group.

As time goes on, and you watch your intuition leading you in positive directions—seeing it with your own eyes, in your own life—then your body begins to trust your intuition too.

The inner alarm bells stop sounding off, and it becomes easier and easier to trust any guidance that comes through.

Your soul starts to run the show, more and more.

One day, you realize that 95% of your life's decisions are coming from your intuitive channel. That's the next Level of Clearance—what we call Anchored Being. Your soul is "anchored into your body," and you're trusting yourself in a whole new way.

This kind of slow and steady evolution is what this journey is all about.

Even now, there's no urgent or frantic need to "heal yourself" or "figure out what's wrong with you." You have the intutive guidance already, guiding you in the circumstances you're already in.

Despite what mainstream spirituality or personal development coaches might tell you, there's nowhere to get.

Divinity is guiding you, even now, through a meticulous process that's liberating you in ways that are beyond remarkable.

That means all it really takes to progress in life is trusting that process, and continuing to lean into your evolutionary edge as it's presented to you.

Now, we could easily spend another dozen lessons exploring the intricacies of this entire journey—but we've already done that in other settings, and it's not as useful as it might sound. Frankly, it would be pretty boring!

Instead, let's explore one of the central philosophies here at The Second Paradigm.

It's something that we hope can help let you off the hook from some unncessary pressure and make this soul path that much smoother.


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