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The Mainstream Spiritual Education

As much as we'd love to start diving into concepts like body vs. soul, Peace, Self Love, the collective field, or fine-tuning intuitive access through the Oversoul connection, we have to start somewhere else entirely.

Before we get into any of that, we have to unravel some of the mainstream spiritual thought that takes The Cutting Edge in an entirely different spirtual direction.

To start, here's a short punchy look at this topic in video form:

At first glance, our perspectives on mainstream spirituality can sound a bit harsh.

We understand that. The first time we ever publically questioned manifestation and other forms of mainstream spirituality was in a podcast in 2018.

We were trembling and, for a few days, we had a hard time hitting publish.

It wasn't comfortable questioning the concepts that so many of our peers in the industry were teaching on a regular basis. But we couldn't see it any other way.

Over time, that shaky perspective refined, and we've only grown in our conviction.

To this day, we still can't see it any other way.

Mainstream spirituality is unusually dark, and the practices people come across most often are shockingly similar to ideas and practices of old-school Satanism.

If we zoom out a bit and look at some of the core philosophies of modern spirituality, the picture starts to become clearer.

We explored this topic in-depth in a Special Report called "10 Ways Mainstream Spirituality Causes More Harm than Good." You can read it for free in The Second Paradigm Community.

So rather than rehash every point here, let's just zero in on one of the most important distinctions we've found along the way.

Things like manifestation, oneness, thinking positively, and ridding ourselves of judgments all sound like noble, good spiritual pursuits.

But where do they go?

That's the question we ask over and over when exploring these and other spiritual ideas.

"Where does this go?"

And what we often find is a seemingly harmless idea quickly taking a turn toward something oddly dark—encouraging us to go in the exact opposite direction of our soul path.

At the root of many of these spiritual traditions, we find remnants of old, clearly dark, black magic traditions.

It's as if spirituality and religion both have been twisted purposefully to lead people away from their soul's path.

Could that actually be true?

This quickly leads us to a challenging but clarifying realization:

"Darkness is real, and it's interwoven in the very fabric of our society."

As obvious as this might sound at first, this is a big discussion, and it's important enough that we're going to take the entire next lesson to explore what we mean by this.

Whenever you're ready, let's get into it.


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